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About me

Damonomad Music is a unique blend of metal (Damonomad) and electronic music (DMD Royale), crafted and created by musician Damon Pollard. Through his love of creating music, Damon produces, records, mixes and masters each project himself, creating an immersive and engaging soundscape as well as visual concepts. Come explore the world of Damonomad Music and experience something new.

DAMONOMAD- Metal Music

Damonomad is an ever-evolving music project that has been in the works for years. An eclectic mix of metal music, combining elements from different genres and inspirations all having to do with the love for heavy breakdowns, inspiring hooks and 7-string guitars. Damonomad has been able to create an instrumental soundscape that’s full of energy and emotion.


DMD ROYALE- Electronic Music

DMD Royale is the culmination of Damon’s favorite elements of electronic music, hip hop and rap, dubstep, among the infinite choices of music in the world. DMD Royale strives to create unique experiences with every song and production we make. Each project is approached with a passion to explore the limits of sound and visual imagination to create something truly special.

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